The Beaver Uniform consists of:

  • Beavers light blue fleece jumper
  • Beavers light blue Polo Top
  • Black and Gold Group scarf with group badge sewn onto back and woggle
  • Scout Activity trousers
  • Black SHOES (not Trainers)
Group Badge sewn on the Back of our Group Necker

This picture shows you where to put all your Beaver badges:

  1. Wales Badge ( Not required)
  2. Group name tape
  3. Scotland/ Northern Ireland Badge (Not required)
  4. District Badge (Supplied with No 5)
  5. County/ Area/ Region Badge
  6. Group badge (worn on scarf)
  7. Leadership stripe
  8. Union Flag
  9. Gallantry/ Meritorious Conduct awards
  1. Chief Scout’s Award
  2. Challenge Awards
  3. Wales Badge (Not required)
  4. Occasional Badge
  5. Joining in Awards
  6. Membership Awards
  7. Activity Badges and Staged Activity Badges
  8. Group Badge (if worn on back of scarf)

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