Having a pet dog comes with both a lot of health, social and emotional benefits. There are many breeds of dog and each breed can play different parts in your life.

Working Dogs

It is common knowledge that dogs are smart; some breeds more than others. For example, Retriever's can be trained as guide dogs, German Shepherd's can be trained as police dogs and Spaniel's can be trained as gun dogs.

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General care

Learn what this dogs need such as living conditions, food, medical care, safety precautions, insurance, any behaviour training etc.

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Health Benefit

Dogs need walking between 30 minutes and 2 hours per day, depending on their size. Studies say that just 30 minutes walking every day can increase cardiovascular fitness, reduce excess body fat, and decrease chance of disease in humans.

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Emotional Benefit

It is proven that dogs can reduce chance of developing mental health problems and can help with pre-existing mental health problems too.

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