Frosty Camp 2017

My Frosty Camp 2017


Frosty camp was my first ever Scout camp and I loved it. We went for a whole weekend at a camp in Taunton and had a go at some amazing experiences. When we arrived we were all bursting with excitement and full of anticipation for the weekend ahead.

The first thing we did was un-pack our things keeping our belongings in an orderly, neat layout so no things went missing and nobody got hurt.

Next we played a fun game of Cat and Mouse where everyone  (except two) stood in lines turning 90 degrees ever time a bell went. The aim of the game is for the mouse not to get caught by the cat. Sadly when it was my go the speedy cat kept on my tail not letting me get away until I slipped over on a bed and got caught!

After everyone had a go O.J (the Scout Leader) told everyone that we were going on a walk around the campsite.  Everybody scrambled to their bags, getting out walking boots and head torches. When we were all ready we walked outside and started our walk. It wasn’t long before we ended up back at the hut. We found the leaders standing there and they sorted us out into two groups. We were playing Foxes and Hounds where the foxes (team one) had to run away from the hounds (team two) if the foxes were caught they had to go back to the hut. It was the best game ever! Or so I thought, because the following day it was going to get a whole lot better…

The next day was Saturday and the day was packed full with activities. My first activity was axe work.  At first I found it hard using the axe but with the encouragement and help from my leaders and my fellow teammates, I managed to do just fine.

Then was carving. We had to carve a tent peg and I had never carved anything but soon got the hang of it and made a perfect tent peg.

After that we ate lunch, which was a creamy jacket potato.

When we had finished, we were going to go caving. I got changed into my old clothes and I put on my Smurf blue waterproofs. I stiffly walked outside tucking every layer in, in the vain hope to save some of my clothes from getting muddy.

Inside the tunnels were pitch black, and got narrower and narrower and wetter and wetter to the point I had to get out because I was freezing. With teeth chattering and covered in mud we all stumbled back to the hut in need of a shower and new clothes before archery began.

Freshly washed and clean we all ran outside for archery. After many attempts at a high mark I was satisfied when I hit the outskirts of the bulls eye.

After a warm dinner we played a variety of games, including the cardboard box challenge.  I was out first but helped the others with my amazing tips. After that we played a quiz where the funniest responses were said e.g Who is the Patron Saint of England the answer given was Saint God!   On the second round of playing I came third don’t ask me how because I was a dead -head. Then finally it was bed -time.

The next morning we had breakfast and went out to make some fires and boil an egg. My fire was a disaster as it kept going out.

Then we had to get changed into our scout kit because the camp was over. Receiving a badge, we said our thanks to the scout leaders grabbed our bags that had been packed earlier and made our journey home.

As you can tell we had a great time and I enjoyed every minute of it!

Report by Emily, Stags Patrol