Cubs Spring Camp


In March The Cubs were on their Spring Camp, with some new Cubs just moved up from Beavers, we went on a hike down to Watcombe Beach to earn the Navigators Level 2 Badge. Some of the Cubs managed to see more of the hike than the others

“I really enjoyed the long walk we went on”  Luca said, “we found mossy rocks and climbed muddy mountains.We even got lost !!!”

After a busy afternoon of games and an evening of wide games marshmallows were toasted with hot chocolate. The best part of the Camp, Caitlin told us was  “playing spotlight and roasting marshmallows on the fire!”

The following day all the Cubs tried Target Shooting. The “Top Shot” of the Camp went to Callum, 2nd Place went to Joey and 3rd went to Luca who “really enjoyed the shooting it was really fun”

The Cubs practiced their knife skills by whittling a tent peg, and to finish the camp off they made their own “chariots” with pioneering poles and rope,  the knots and lashings  held really well, although a pole managed to snap!! It must of been the OJ’s big cooked breakfast that they had

Joey summed up his first Cub Camp perfectly by saying “Camp was awesome because we did really fun stuff and I was with my friends.  My favourite part of camp was the shooting because it was great fun and I have never done that before.  We did grid references, hiking and map reading.  I learnt lots of new skills like knife work and pioneering.  We were put into teams to build a chariot and had a chariot race.  We did singing around the fire and had hot chocolate and toasted marshmallows before bed. 

I loved staying at camp, it was like having a big sleepover with my friends”

Plenty of Badges earned, friendships made and memories of a great camp.

Thanks to OJ, for organising the camp, thanks to Akela &  Lainey for running the activities, and thanks to Luke for helping with the games

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