The Scouts and The Leaders of the 1st Marldon Scout Troop will work together to promote good behaviour in the Troop whilst having a programme which is both challenging and fun for all.


These are a few rules, which are to be adhered to by all members in the Troop. The reason for these rules is to give the Troop discipline, so everyone can enjoy themselves. The Troop takes part in many activities, some of which are adventurous, and without discipline, their safety could be compromised.
As Leaders, we Promise to:
Keep the Scout Promise and Law
Organise a range of fun and interesting activities
Treat everyone equally and fairly
As Scouts we Promise to:
  1. To keep the Scout Promise and Law.
  2. Have fun, try new things and learn new skills
  3. Show pride in being a member of the 1st Marldon Scouts
  4. To wear my Scout uniform on all Group nights, unless otherwise specified and sew on ALL badges that I have earnt
  5. Be Punctual for Troop Night, ( flag break is at 7.00pm prompt)
  6. Not to Bully, (bullying will not be tolerated)
  7. Not to talk during flag break or flag down. This includes all formal times i.e. ceremonies, presentations, and notices.
  8. Give everybody the respect that you expect from others.
  9. Not to use foul language or bad manners
  10. Not to throw or come into physical contact, in anger with anyone
  11. Not to bring ANY electronic devices i.e. mobile phones, to Troop Nights or activities without prior permission from the Section Leader.
  12. Report any inappropriate behaviour of fellow scouts to a Leader.
  13. Notify the Leaders if not attending Scout Night, and understand that missing 3  consecutive weeks might result in losing their place in the Troop
  14. To do my best!
Compiled By Scout Council Jan 2019
Review Date- Jan 2020
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